This plan is good for companies that sells DIGITAL SERVICES, such as:

  • Web Hosting, Websites, e-Books, images, movies/videos (streaming), cloud-based software (SaaS), among others,

  • Sell in the E.U. or worldwide.

  • What the plan includes:

  • Unlimited accounting entries
    sales and purchases invoices, taxes, bank transfers, debit/credit card transactions, currency exchanges, dividends, expenses report, loans, investments, interests and each line of the bank statement,
  • E.U. VAT monthly reporting -MOSS scheme-,
  • Designated professional accountant & Personalized support,
  • Dividends & Salaries compliance,
  • 2 hours of free tax & accounting advisory at the time of onboarding.
  • Plan includes set-up, authorization and permits at the TAX Office and Sunny Business accounting system.
Note: We can assist you with VAT registration in other EU countries if needed.
Learn more about E.U. VAT here.  
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